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Why I created this course

When we think about photography we tend to think about cameras and technique. How much time, then, do we spend training ourselves? Ultimately, photography is about us and so we owe it to ourselves to learn how to see with a photographer’s eye, how to notice the extraordinary in ordinary things, and how to express our vision in a unique and creative way.

How is this course different?

Photography is science but that doesn’t mean it has to be baffling. If you’re anything like me, you can get your head around an idea when you can relate it to normal stuff. With this course you get no bemusing techie speak, no mumbo-jumbo, no smoke and mirrors. Just inspiring ideas, plain speech and brilliant tips to get you taking great photos straight away.

What you’ll get from the course

In six simple steps, from “seeing” the visual story to fine-art processing, you’ll learn all the professional skills and techniques you need to start your journey from vision to print. With “live” in-the-field tuition, simple, down-to-earth explanations and “real life” examples, along with a full set of course notes, you’ll quickly discover how to master the ART of photography.


An introduction to "Hand, eye, heart"

Taking inspiration from ancient Japanese art philosophy, Chris describes the three essential elements to making great photographs.

Module 2: Firing the creative mind

More than any other photographic technique, mindfulness is the key to creative photography. Chris explains what mindfulness is and how to use it as a photographic tool.

Module 3: The art of "seeing"

Chris explores the art of “seeing” with a photographic eye, looking at how and where to find unique ideas and how to see the photographic potential in ordinary or much-photographed subjects. In Lesson 2 he takes us behind-the-scenes on a personally-challenging assignment in Naples, Italy.

Module 4: The photographer's canvas

How do you recreate the three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional photograph? In this module Chris looks at camera techniques that help bring still images to life.

Module 5: Drawing with light

Continuing the theme of the previous module, Chris explains the photographic and compositional techniques he uses to replicate in-camera what the human eye sees and help bring his photographs to life.

Module 6: Image processing

Using three “real life” case studies, Chris reveals the post capture (Adobe Lightroom) processing techniques he uses to turn a RAW camera file into a print-ready photograph.

Module 7: Image reviews

In eight “live” image reviews, Chris asks the questions “What was the photographer’s narrative?” and “Does the final image tell that particular story?”. Where it does, he explains how, and where it doesn’t, he suggests changes that will help improve the composition.

My final word

In a final review of this course and the series as a whole, Chris passes on some inspiring thoughts to take with you into the field.


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