In conversation with: Art Wolfe

I visit legendary American photographer Art Wolfe in his Seattle-based gallery to chat about photography, the influence of art, camera technique and visual storytelling.

Inspiration: Why do we take photographs?

I look back to one of my favourite images to explore the role self-actualisation plays in turning a snapshot into a photograph.

Inspiration: The Source of Creativity

I look back to one of the defining moments in NASA’s history to reveal the source of our creativity and show how taking off the shackles can help raise your photography to another level.

Northumberland’s historic views (BBC)

I was born in Alnwick, Northumberland. Taking up an Outdoor Photography challenge, I revisit my old home in an attempt to recreate in photographs 150-year-old pencil drawings. (Opens in separate window)

We are Photographers

Chris talks to Creative Live about his career in photography and the stories behind some of his most iconic images.

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