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Why I created this course

When it comes to learning photography, camera technique is just the start. I wanted to create a workshop that teaches the other stuff – how to “see” with a photographic eye; how to compose visual elements so the final image mirrors the real life experience; and how to think creatively.

How is this course different?

This course isn’t about gear, it’s about design. It will get you thinking about narrative rather than object; show you how to apply tried-and-trusted composition techniques to turn record shots into powerful visual stories; and convince you you’re more creative than you might think.

What you’ll get from the course

In 7 easy steps you’ll learn to approach photography like a pro’ and start creating great pictures straight away. With “in-the-field” tuition, case studies and expert tips and techniques, you’ll quickly learn the real secrets to photo success and developing a unique photographic style.


Your 10,001st photograph

The legendary photojournalist Henri Cartier Bresson is famously quoted as saying “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” In the introduction to Mastering Composition & Visual Storytelling I go to the location of one Cartier Bresson’s most famous images to reveal the secret to making your 10,001st photograph different.

Module 1: What you need to get the most from this course

Photography isn’t not about the camera, it’s just not all about the camera. In this module I reveal exactly what it is that turns a snapshot into a photograph and you might be more than a little surprised by what it is.

Module 2: Defining the visual narrative

Have you ever looked at a photograph and wondered, “How did the photographer see that?” In Module 2 I give you some techniques for finding ideas for photo stories and chat to two of my favourite photographers – Joe Cornish and Paul Sanders – about their approach to photography.

Module 3: Visualisation

You know, it’s a lot easier to find a needle in a haystack when you know it’s a needle you’re looking for. This is the principle behind visualisation, which, with the help of Ansel Adams, I focus on in this module.

Module 4: The three things every photograph should have

Every great picture has three components. In this module I show you what they are and how to incorporate them in a composition. I also reveal the #1 reason photographs fail and show you how to take out the trash.

Module 5: The secret language of design

Everything in the world, every object, man-made or natural, is formed of one or more of the five basic elements of design. In the fifth module, with the help of the Minions and a toppling pyramid, I reveal what they are, how they affect us psychologically and physiologically, and explain how you can use them to create photographs that tell the story you want to tell.

Module 6: Light, contrast, form and depth

Light is the fundamental tool of photography. Learn how to exploit light to capture dramatic images that look more real than the paper they’re printed on.

Module 7: Composition in practice

In Module 7 I get really practical. I head to a wee white house in Scotland, elicit the help of Monet, and go flying in a first world war bi-plane to explain why where you stand, camera angle, camera-to-subject distance, where you position the subject in the frame, your use of line, shape and colour, what you do with the horizon, your choice of lens all affect what happens after you press the shutter.

Bonus module: The creative mind

Creativity is a skill and, with the help of the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan and some South American natives, in this bonus module, I show you how to develop a creative mind so you can get even more creative with your photography.


“EXTRAORDINARY!! Re-watching 3-4 times or more!”

Jocsan Bonales A.

“This course is fantastic. It has got me thinking differently when it comes to how I will approach my photography. I’m looking forward to putting it into practice”

Sandra J.

“If you’ve ever wondered why some images ‘work’ and others don’t, look no further. This is a great course.”

Alison R.


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